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India is rich in Natural Resources and ranks first among major livestock holding countries and its accounts for about 10 per cent of global supplies of raw skins and hides.

The annual availability of 235 million pieces of hides and skins is the main strength of India’s leather industry. It is endowed with 21% of the world cattle and buffalo and 11% of the world goat and sheep. The annual average rate of the growth of cattle is around 1.5% in India, helping it to maintain its leading position. Around 2 billion sq.ft. of leather is produced annually. Leather industry in India plays a vital role in the national economy in terms of export earnings and employments generation.

The major production centres for Leather and Leather products in India  are located in

Tamil Nadu Chennai, Ambur, Ranipet, Vaniyambadi, Vellore,       Pernambut, Trichy, Dinidgul and  Erode           
West Bengal       Kolkatta
Uttar Pradesh Kanpur, Agra, Noida, Saharanpur,
Maharashtra Mumbai
Punjab Jallandhar
Karnataka Bangalore
Andhra Pradesh   Hyderabad
Haryana    Ambala, Gugaon, Panchkila, Karnal
Delhi New Delhi
Madhaya Pradesh  Dewas
Kerala Calicut, Ernakulam

Tamil Nadu is popular for Leather and Leather products. Leather manufactured by the members of Association has a good reputation and attract many a buyers from all over the world. The major markets are USA, UK, Italy,France , Germany.and other European countries

The leather industries are almost two centuries old and the business is passed on one generation to another generation hereditarily. The existence of excellent traditional skills in tanning and finishing and manufacturing has made the Indian tanning industry self-sufficient, sustainable. To add this, strong and eco-sustainable tanning base, trainned and skilled manpower  support from Design and Products Development, HRD and R & D ,increasing use of quality components delivery compliance has made the industry  competitive .Importers all over the world have shown keen interest for Indian leather goods. They are sourcing their requirement of leather and leather goods from India. The Indian leather industry and the members of the Association are setting up modern world class production facilities to meet the growing demand of the importers of leather and leather products from all over the world.

The Association closely associates itself with the national bodies like, the Central Leather Research Institute, Chennai and Council for Leather Export Chennai to serve the Industry. The Leather Industry has established  support from  National Institute of Fashion Technology, Central Footwear Training Institute, Footwear Design and Development Institute and  Indian Institute of Leather Products etc.

The leather and leather products manufactured by the members of the Association are free from Pentachlorophenol, azo dyes and other banned dyes and  chromuin free products. The production of leather and leather products are also free from pollution and child labour. Adoption of Occupational Safety and Health in Leather processing and Cleaner Technologies in Finishing and Process Innovation are the main objects of the members of the Association.

Tanning Industry

The entire range of activities covering recovery of fallen animals, processing hides and skins and their conversion into footwear, garments and leather goods and other agricultural implementation were carried out in the past as an integrated operation.

There has been a major change in the complexion of tanning industry during the last few decades. The organized tanning sector has gained significance in the industrial process and grown in Tamil Nadu, Kolkatta and Kanpur.

With the power of technology and resources, the organized sector is able to mobilize the raw hides from entire country.

The growth of organized leather sector has taken place through large number of small scale tanneries and a few medium and large scale units. A consistent progressive policy has been followed for the last five decades with the objects of promoting value added products and discouraging the export of processed intermediates. The process of transformation has been faster since 1973.

The tanning industry has grown in clusters of Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab.

















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